Seeking Sustainable Change in Your Work?

Most of us have a few areas in our work lives that we find ourselves struggling to change and yet, often slip back in to a pattern of response that is familiar despite our best intentions to do otherwise.  If you are seeking a change in your life and don’t know what would make the difference between making that change happen and continuing in your same patterns; you might be interested in a short coaching program to address your desired change.  

Introduction to Coaching

Coaching is a present and future focused approach to generating sustainable change around a topic that is meaningful and important to you.  This process involves getting to know you (the client) and your topic in a broad and deep way.  This allows me to understand what it is that you so want to change in your life and how you relate to this topic such that it seems difficult to make the change.  I bring new perspectives to your way of looking at the topic and design activities for you to do that develop new muscles which allow you to relate to the topic in a new way that achieves the change you want.
Examples of Coaching Topics

There are as many coaching topics as there are unique individuals in the world.  Below are some examples of client topics.  

*  Increase my ability to conduct difficult conversations in the work place.
*  Increase engagement with my work so as to thrive in a situation that calls
    for adaptation.
*  Increase my ability to delegate and negotiate accountability with direct
*  Increased my capacities to successfully step into a new executive position.  
*  Re-calibrate my work/life balance.
*  Operate with increasing integrity at work and home.
*  Balance the need to please others with my own ambitions and needs.
*  Take a stand and hold my position in the face of opposition.  
*  Achieving results with collaborative actions.
*  Improve my ability to get along with others.  
*  Face major transitions in my life with grace.

Coaching Process

Coaching can involve a commitment of multiple sessions or can be consolidated into a short program of two session.  In general, the process involves a conversation that allows me to get to know you as a client and the topic around which you seek change.  In a different conversation, we develop a common language around how you are relating to the topic now and how you might relate to the topic differently in the future.  Then there are a series of exercises are designed to build the muscles that will allow you to move into that different way of relating to the topic.